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My Current Strategy

NSDQ100 and the DJ30 I use these indices because they are clearly a safe bet and low risk. I play it smart, check my charts, compare RSI and MA lines, check the 30m chart and 4h chart, plan for the long term and focus on consistent gains. I’ve learned from nearly every one of my mistakes and gradually my decision making skills have improved. However, despite everything I know and learned. One day during the month, I’ll make 10%…. Holy shit, that’s lucky…. I’ll close out and time the bounce, buying back in perfectly near the bottom to maximise profits and I make 30% between the last 48 hours.

I am now Warren Buffett, a fucking genius. Stonks only go up, and I’ve cracked the system! Figured it all out. Reinvest once more, with my original investment, and some profits. Maybe even close some solid positions in order to fuel my greed. “Greed is Good” Gordon Gecko wouldn’t lie to us!

Suddenly, I’m down 15%!! I start to feel worried but it’s fine, I only lose if I close in the red, and the 1h chart does confirm I bought too fast and careless, it’s gonna bounce down before rising again so it doesn’t matter.

but I am fully invested. And on x20 leverage I’m going to hit my stop loss and have no money left spare to fix it. If I hit my stoploss I will end my week in profit 1% but I can’t do that. I will chase the loss, sell all the trades in green I can, sell out ones that are red in a panic, just to get more available funds.

I extend my stop loss with my newly added funds And now it will need to drop another large leap before it comes close to hitting my Stop Loss

My money is in the red, but it’s not a loss unless I close in the red. And that won’t happen because remember, ‘Stonks only go up’

I go to bed, ready to watch it start heading in the correct direction and slowly making it back. Remaining in a total profit.

The market is closed Why is the market closed?

It’s some holiday somewhere in the world I didn’t know about. So no market today, usually a Friday for some reason.

So I wait in absolute fear. And dread at the thought of what’s going on during the weekend.

It’s Monday now and the market is closed Why is the market closed? Bank holiday Monday….

This isn’t good, it’s going to pick a direction and fly. What if it drops even more. Surely it can’t, right?

Something happens that I don’t understand. Something about “Big Banks” or “The Fed” maybe a tweet from our Lord Elon…. But something just happened that’s bad for the market, people aren’t happy….. Tuesday doesn’t look good

I started the month by increasing 30% and now I’m -12% and now it’s Tuesday The markets open My index is rising the stop loss line….. not fucking good

I close at -40% in the red I dont fucking know what I’m doing

2 hours later it changes direction, stop loss wouldn’t have hit and within 2 days I would have had profit

The stocks I closed are highest daily movers

I end the month in a negative 15% to 25%

I get my pay check I deposit funds

Gonna invest carefully into the Index again since remember…. Stonks only go up 🦍 🚀 ⬆️ 🌙

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