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How u start your story as a success trader

I will summarize it as much as possible, I am a Venezuelan who left the country 3 years ago, now I live in Peru.

I worked for 2 years smelting copper, with a bad salary and more than 80 hours a week.

I managed to raise a capital of about $600 in those 2 years (not because I spent but because of the little I earned).

Since May last year until now I managed to turn it into 11.8k$ with a lot of luck and taking advantage of a niche with nft games.

I quit my job (I know it’s wrong) but I can’t take it anymore, I did my calculations and I have to cover about 6 years of current expenses if nothing happens.

I want to learn trading and I have all day, 24 hours a day to study, I have already read a lot of information, I have seen many videos but I have no clear idea of how to put it into practice by doing backtesting.

I am doing papertrading in tradingview using the replay option, but I don’t know if I’m on the right track.

My idea is to do backtesting until my strategy gives me a good % winrate, then do papertrading until I have a better risk management and prove that I am profitable, and then start with very little capital in the market and inject more capital as I continue learning.

I also plan to get a part time job to cover half of my monthly expenses, but I want to do it after I am already trading with little capital.

If you can tell me how you started, and what steps you took it would help me a lot!

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